Mady. Eighteen. German far away from home.

I’ll never know why you couldn’t just pick up the phone and call me.

And you’ll never know how sorry I will always be that I was too late.
I hope you’ve reached a place with no sorrow or pain.
I hope it’s beautiful there.
Maybe now, you’ve finally reached your own little Nirvana.
I love you, Kira. I’ll miss you forever.

25 October, 1995 - 7 August, 2014


I can’t sleep anymore.
Every time I wake, I forget.
My first thought is, “I have to call her. Let me just text her real quick. Something’s wrong, I can feel it.”
But I can’t. I can’t because she’s gone now.
She’s fucking gone.
She isn’t coming back.

And I was too late.

I was too fucking late.

I can’t stop crying; 5:25 am, 9 August, 2014

Why did you leave us? Why?