Mady. Eighteen. German far away from home.

"I’ve never felt further away from you, from home. Where have you gone? Why didn’t you take me with you?”
— Please come back soon x

"Last seen today at 19:36"

reads the screen when I check at 19:42

"Last seen today at 19:45"

at 19:52

"Last seen today at 21:32" 

when I checked back in at 22:00 

"Last seen today at 00:29"

at a quarter ‘til 01:00…

"Last seen today at 01:25"

when the clock struck 01:28

"Last seen today at 01:42"


We keep missing each other, by the minute and by a long shot.

I wonder if you ever notice the last time I was “seen”. 

I wonder if you constantly check your phone just in case it failed to notify you - just in case your ears could not pick up the ring that sings there is a message waiting for you, from me.